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Welcome and thank you for considering my photography, writing and podcasting services. I am honored to share a little bit of my story with you and invite you to reach out to me to share yours.

I am a content creator, writer and photographer based in Chicago - home to deep dish pizzas and cubs baseball. I have always been fascinated with visual imagery and the written word as a medium of expression. Forever an adventurer, I always love the opportunity to create and express the beauty I see around me.

I am forever inspired by the mountains especially the snow-capped ones. On several occasions, I have been known to just load of the car and drive out west until I catch sight of the snow-capped rockies. I am from India and have lived more than half my life in Bombay. My tolerance to extremely loud noises and twenty conversations all happening at the same time is an acquired talent. I grew up on street food and copious amounts of tea - the kind with milk and lots of sugar!! I love animals and always have place in my home for one more rescue. The bigger the dog, the more love I know I will receive.

All said and done, at the end of the day, I consider myself a storyteller. Stories hold a very special place in my heart and I have had the incredible good fortune to document some incredibly special stories and narratives for my clients. I am available for commissioned photography, social media strategy and content creation as well as freelance journalism work.

"Such a talented photographer with amazing insight
to get the very best image possible!
LOVE her work!"

Nadeen Flynn

"After talking to Karthika for just a few minutes, I felt like chatting with an old friend and knew I had found the photographer for my wedding. Her use of natural sunlight and her beautiful work was just what I was looking for."

Claire O'Toole

"An amazing photographer and sweet friend, Karthika captured such wonderful photos of Max and me. Thanks to her, I have so many wonderful memories of me and my son!"

Megan Steffen

Just For You

If you are looking for ideas on how to have a wonderful and memorable photoshoot experience no matter who you decide to work with, grab my FREE PDF filled with tips and tricks to make sure you have a blast on your next photoshoot!

Get the free PDF

Photography Education

Learn From Me

I come from a family of educators and love sharing my knowledge of photography and business / entrepreneurship with others.

To that end, I write photography articles for several different online photography schools where I teach all aspects of photography. You can see some of my work on my blog as well as get FREE resources related to photography, travel and business by clicking the link below.

I also offer in-person workshops and online e-courses regarding photography.

"I had the pleasure of attending Karthika’s photography class.  Her explanation of how the camera worked and then the subsequent implementation of it really helped to refresh my memory.  If you are looking for an intimate setting in which to learn how your camera works and what to look for in taking pictures, she’s your resource."

Audrey Weidman

"In addition to being a skilled photographer, Karthika is also a knowledgable teacher and a savvy business woman. I took two classes with her and highly recommend them both. Before working with Karthika, I treated my fancy camera like a simple point and shoot because I was overwhelmed by all the buttons and dials. She made using the camera way less scary and gave me confidence to try using it to be more creative. "

Christy Chuparkoff

Travel Retreats

Let's Adventure

For decades, India has always been a destination that many dream of visiting someday to experience a land of mystic, grandiose, color, culture and deep rooted history. People are always ready with a smile and welcome you into their hearts and homes with warm cups of chai (tea). Conversations are deep rooted and meaningful beyond the ‘Hello, how are you?’ Smiles are genuine and the interactions with nature, people and animals always leave you feeling innately satisfied and energized.

Since 2018, I host small group retreats to India. Our retreats are wholesome experiences where we travel to the cities as well as the lessor known villages to see and experience India unlike any other.

I also have a FREE Travel Photography E-Course to help you take better photos during your travels.

Praise for the Travel Photography Demystified Course

"A true measure of the value of a ‘lesson” is that it seems so obvious once it is presented although one has not done these obvious things in the past. Great emphasis on planning; great emphasis on making sure trip works both photography AND for non-photography elements, sight-seeing, etc. "

Elwin Sykes

"All the travel videos and the cheatsheets are really helpful. I'll be using these for all my photo shoots, not just when I am travelling.:) Thank you very much Karthika."

Margaret Lyall

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Featured among 100 Female photographers to Watch in 2020 - ClickinMoms
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