We all have to accept the fact that no one can predict the weather (in spite of what the weatherman says). How many times have you gotten to a shoot in bright sunlight only to find storm clouds rolling in within minutes of your photoshoot? And guess what, not all photoshoots can be rescheduled around the weather. Sometimes you just have to be prepared to photograph in any kind of weather because that is what the client expects you to do!

Blaming Mother Nature for all your cancelled photoshoots really isn’t going to get you anywhere. Mother Nature, almost always, has a mind of her own.

But the good news is that learning to photograph in any kind of weather is possible with a little bit of preparation and a lot of practice.

This guide outlines different weather situations and how to prepare and photograph in each of these situations. I hope these tips help you build confidence in photographing in any weather and help you in having fun and being your creative best.

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